Superbly Simple LLC is an artisan bath, shower and body products boutique. Our company is focused on making quality self-care simple and relaxing.  

In the heart of America Superbly Simple LLC was created, with the idea of giving our customers the opportunity to customize their bath, shower and body products. Creating items for the whole family, handmade at time of order.


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Superbly Simple Signature Collection Bath Bombs

Superbly Simple Signature Collection Bath Bombs


Yes, it’s truly that Superbly Simple...to indulge, relax, and unwind with our bath bombs. Soak into your own personal oasis and let our bath bombs lull you into a state of tranquility that won’t melt away even after your bath bomb has.


Fragrance: Superbly Simple Signature Collection (SS)

Sizes: 4oz, 7oz OR 12ea 1oz minis (of a single fragrance)

Ingredients: Signature Superbly Simple Formula