Summer Fragrances

Fragrance Oils

Pink Sangria A thirst quenching fragrance complete with Spanish sangria, Valencia orange, and tropical pineapple slices garnished with a sweet Maraschino cherry on top.

Black Raspberry Vanilla  A luscious blend of raspberries, strawberries, coconut, lemon, peach and vanilla.

Lavender Chamomile Bedtime  A wonderful fragrance enriched with lavender, chamomile and other natural herbs.

Hello Beautiful  Shimmering white floral bouquet is showered with dewdrops that add freshness. Hints of cassis brighten with fruity tones that blend with fresh greens and warm woods, unfolding to reveal creamed musk and golden amber.

Love Spell Sweet bouquet of mandarin, bergamot & orange enhanced by hints of peach & berries on an undertone of musk.

Blue Hawaiian  Tropical dreams unfold with this fruity delight that lifts the senses. Fresh orange and juicy lemon balanced with sweet Maraschino cherry. Hints of tangy pineapple, acai berry and sweet coconut.

Lavender Lemon  Sweet orange and tangy lemon peel with a bright beautiful fresh cut lavender. Hints of garden greens, orange flower and vanilla.

Hawaiian Butter  Fatty and rich buttercream & fruity. Undertones of coconut, cotton candy and sweet vanilla.

Wonderberry  A fruity fusion of strawberry, raspberry and wild red currant. Hints of juicy pineapple, plum blossoms and pink jasmine.

Fruit Loops  Fresh bowl of Fruit Loops. Lemon, other fruits and sweet cake make up this wonderful mix.

Barry Banana Bubblegum  Rich sweet fruit basket with notes of bubble gum.

Fairest of Them All  Delicious apple intertwines with crisp bergamot. Citrusy Neroli blends to enhance and complete this beautiful fragrance.

You Had Me at Hello  A sensual aphrodisiac blend of ripe orange, lemon balm, Kaffir lime and notes of floral greens with the perfect amount of vanilla cream.


Essential Oils

When using any essential oil, make sure to use it safely. Always talk to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns before using anything containing essential oils.


Bergamot  A bright sunniness typical of citrus with a unique floral and spicy edge.

Eucalyptus  An invigorating, fresh and leafy aroma.

Grapefruit  A sweet tangy citrus aroma. Bright, cheerful, uplifting a great way to start the day.

Lavender Flower and herbal old world aroma. Relaxing and calming feelings and a popular choice before bedtime.

Lemongrass  A calming green lemony fresh aroma. Inspires mental clarity and awareness.

Orange A sweet citrus aroma. Motivating, uplifting, energizing mindset for your day.

Peppermint  Cooling and refreshing. Strong, minty aroma to boost focus, clarity and energy.

Tea Tree Cool and purifying aroma. Encourages deep breathing and to rejuvenate and cleanse.