3 - Bubble Powders - Custom Bath Bomb Batch


Custom Bath Bomb Batches allow you to pick the items that will go into your products!


Bubble powders add foam and bubbles to your bath. Each have their own unique properties. We use SLSa in our Signature Superbly Simple formula, but it can be fun to use the other bubble powders. 


- SLSa Powder

- Buttermilk Powder

- Goats Milk Powder


See the post about Basic Ingredients learn more the different types of Bubble Powders. 


- - - 

Base Ingredients included in each batch: backing soda, citric acid, cream of tartar, kaolin clay and polysorbate 80. Then your choice of carrier oil of, bubble powers,

additives, fragrance and coloring. CONTACT US, if you need to remove any of the base ingredients.


You follow the steps, selecting for each of the options to create your own custom batch! An item for all 6 steps must be added to your cart, to complete your custom order. 


1 - Batch Size & Mold

2 - Carrier Oil

3 - Bubble Powder

4 - Additives

5 - Color

6 - Fragrance 

Optional Additions

Let's make something great together by adding a Live Show.  We will make your batch together live on Facebook, on a date and time of your choosing!




Helpful Information blog has posts about Superbly Simple Formulas, Ingredients, Fragrances, Colors & more.

FAQ has commonly asked questions about Bath Bombs and all things Superbly Simple.

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Add the item to the cart. 

A pop up cart will show up with your item in it. 

Blow the item is a clickable link Add Order Note

When you click on it, it will transition to a note field. 

Add your note and click SAVE.

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