Bath Sand Art Kit


Did you ever have fun at the county fair Sand Art craft booth?  This is just like that, but with dissolvable fizzy bath sand you get to use in the bath tub later!

Mix fizzy Bath Sand colors to create a beautiful design in the container! You can use a thin skewer to push the sand down into the other colors, for added uniqueness. Even if all the sand blinds together in your container, when it hits the water it will explode with burst of color!

Comes with:

  • 12 oz total of dissolvable Bath Sand split between the colors you pick!
  • 1 Regular Plastic Container
  • Instruction Card, that doubles as your funnel

Fragrance: Superbly Wonderful

Color Options:

  • Rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple)
  • Sunset (Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow)
  • Mermaid (Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple)
  • Dino (Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue)
  • Unicorn (Pink, White, Purple)
  • Candy Corn (White, Orange, Yellow)
  • Witchy (Purple, Green, Black, Orange)
  • Holiday Cheer (Red, Green, White, Blue)
  • Winter (Blue, White, Purple)

Ingredients: This is NOT made with real sand, but with dissolvable  Signature Superbly Simple Formula bath sand!

***To be used under Adult Supervision***

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