Paint Your Own Bath Bomb Kit


Paint your own bath bomb kits are a great way for you to relax with effortless painting! Then enjoy them in the bath!


Unicorns - Unicorn and Unicorn Horn
Gnomes - 2 Gnomes
Halloween - Pumpkin & Zombie
Christmas - Christmas Tree & Stocking
Sweaters - 2 Sweaters 
Love - Heart & Ring
Wine & Words - Wine Glass & Adult Words
Easter - 2 Easter Eggs
Hippy - Bus & Camper


Includes: 2ea Specialty mold bath bombs, 3 paint colors and 3 paint brushes

Fragrance: Simple Sweet or Fruit Pebbles

Color: White with little speckles of colors and hidden inside color

Ingredients: Signature Superbly Simple Formula



***To be used under Adult supervision.  Do NOT use water with the paints. Using water will activate the bombs.***

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